How to Swim in Animal Crossing

Right before the summer update, swimming in animal crossing seems like impossible things to do. As you walk by island upon island in animal crossing: new horizons soon you’ll discover your greatest enemy is water. You’ll need lots of effort just to go to the other side of the island. To cross rivers for example, you’ll need the right tool such as Vaulting Pole which you can have it after unlocking certain stage in the game.

However, with the recent update in the game swimming and diving no longer becoming impossible tasks. But first, of course you’ll definitely need to download the update first and then patch it in. After you’ve done with the update, get into the game and you’ll have a couple of letters waiting for you telling you that you can swim and giving you a present of a snorkel and mask. But, the snorkel and mask won’t let you swim you actually need a wet suit to do this.

To swim in Animal Crossing, Equip yourself with wet suit in your inventory, head up to the beach or one of the rocks next to the beach. Press A to jump on in and swim. You also can then dive with Y.

Here is how to get your wet suit, exchange the snorkel and mask for nook miles to be able to get your
first wet suits. However, that means you’ll have to wait a day to be able to pick it up. But, if you want to purchase it  quicker just go directly to the shop and go into the cabinet over on the side and you’ll find yourself your first wet suit
that you can get straightaway. It is horizontal striped wet suit if you don’t see it right away keep scrolling down until you find it.  The wet Suit costs 3,000 bells and after you purchase it you’ll get a mini-tutorial from Timmy about how the wet suit works and how you can use it to swim in Animal Crossing.

That is all tips “How to Swim in Animal Crossing” feel free to leaves comment below if you have more updates tips and tricks for Animal Crossing Game.

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