How to Get Pearls in Animal Crossing

The Pearls in Animal Crossing: New Horizon is pretty much-appreciated items for players. To get it, you have to put lots of effort and time in swimming and diving in the ocean. Sometimes you may find things like Sea Anemone, JellyFish, Sea Pineapples, Snails, Scallop, etc.

Anyway, for you people who missed out on the guide on how to swim in animal crossing simply click the link. Pearls also can be used to craft the Mermaid series in which somehow Pascal will give you the DIY recipes for that in a certain condition. Of-course as rumored, you need to trade the scallop you’ll find to him. Okay, let’s stop the chit-chat. Now I assume you guys already know how to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Next step we move on to the guide.

To get pearls in Animal Crossing, you must change your clothes to a wet suit. Then, head up to the beach and swim around until you see a bubble near you. Next, go to the bubble and dive into the shadow. Make sure the shadow is relatively small and doesn’t make a movement. Which indicates it is a pearl or important things for you to trade. Actually, I considered it as a pro tip and a very important rule for people who seek for pearls in animal crossing. We don’t want to waste lots of our time finding the unused items. Therefore, we need to stay focus to look for Buble with the small shadow and it doesn’t move.

The Scallop and Pascal

As mentioned above, by swimming and diving to seek for pearls, you’ll not go to get exactly get what you want. But, in the process, you’ll also get many things that can be useful such as scallop. the process to get it are pretty much the same as mentioned above. Simply go swim and dive near bubbles in the ocean or if you guys have another secret spot, you can also try your luck by swimming there. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find one or two scallops to trade with pascal. He is a red Sea otter who loves to trade your scallop with his pearl and sometimes DIY Recipes which can be used to craft the mermaid series in Animal Crossing. He will suddenly appear behind you right away when you get the scallops he wants.

how to find pascal

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