How to Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A ladder is an important tool in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It can get you to higher ground in your area and help you to get more resources while having more wider area to be explored.

But, You won’t be able to build and use a ladder for quite some time in the game. There is some catch before you can use the ladder and explore your expanding area.

How to Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get the ladder in animal crossing, first, you’ll need to have unlocked Nook’s Cranny and then started to invite three characters to your island. In order for them to stay on your island, you’ll be going to need to build houses for them along with furnishings. Then Nook will call you and give you a recipe to unlock a ladder.

Ladder Recipe

In order to get around without using a ladder, you can use Nook Miles Tickets instead. It can be purchased in the Nook Stop terminal in Residents’ Services. You can fly away from your own island to another much smaller and deserted island with it.

In those foreign islands, you can gather crafting materials, foreign fruit, and more as much as you like. Also, you’ll find some castaway who you can talk to and invite to your island.

These castaway people are as important as mentioned above. Once you get a good sign with them, they’ll call nook to talk about the arrangement to move to your island.

Hence, Nook will give you a task to build a bridge. He’ll give you the recipe for a bridge construction kit and ask you to gather the resources to build it. You’ll need to search for 4 log stakes, 4 bits of clay, and 4 stone lumps then choose the right spot to open up the island.

Bridge Recipe

After you have a new resident placed on your island, nook will start to give you another task which is to help him furnish the new residential homes in Animal Crossing. in order to help him, you’ll need to gather flowers located on the higher levels of your island. Nook will give you a Ladder recipe to craft ladder to help you finish the task.

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